Amázón.cóm/mytv - Enter Amázón code

Using Amázón Prime is easy, and membership allows you to access thousands of movies, tv shows and other video content at no extra charges. Enjoy watching the latest movies early with Amázón prime. Download your favorite shows, movies on prime simply by creating an account at amázón.cóm/mytv to access all its features. Stream on any device such as smart tv, android tv, android devices, etc.

Amázón Activation Code - Get Now !

  • Open the Amázón app on your TV.
  • Sign in with your Amázón Prime account.
  • You will be redirected to a new screen.
  • There will be a 6 letter code on your TV screen.
  • Enter the code shown on the TV screen in the activation window on your PC.
  • Your TV has been successfully registered with your Amázón Prime Account.

Amázón.cóm/mytv - Create Account with the Easy Steps

Create account on Amázón prime account, this is very easy process, To creating account, let’s follow all steps given below:

  • First, open your device on preferable browser.
  • Visit “amázón.cóm/mytv” into address search bar.
  • You will come on Amázón prime home page.
  • Click on the “Start here” option.
  • You need to hit on next button to start Amázón account.
  • You need to enter personal details like Name, email and password.
  • To confirm, password type again or Re-enter.
  • Click on the “Create Your Amázón Account”.

Activate Amázón Prime Services on Android TV through amázón.cóm/mytv

Follow the steps below to register your device to Amázón Prime Video service:

  • Open any web browser on your pc
  • Using the remote supplied with the Internet device, press the Home button.
  • Select Amázón Video icon located under Featured apps.
  • From the Amázón Video app, select Register using amázón.cóm/mytv.
  • Copy the code shown on tv screen.
  • Visit amázón.cóm/mytv to Activate Amázón
  • Login with Amázón prime account; create a new Amázón prime account if you don’t have one.
  • Use the code written down on step 3 to link the device with the Amázón account. .
  • Select Continue.
  • A confirmation message appears on the TV screen.
  • Click on Continue on your TV Amázón Video app to enjoy Amázón Prime Video.

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